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Are you struggling to balance the many roles you fill and things that require your energy and attention? Have you found yourself triggered by seemingly small day-to-day events? Are there conflicts you can't navigate or goals that feel beyond your grasp? Whether you are reaching out with a specific concern, or because life is piling up, therapy can help.

Aubrey is an Art Therapist and Counselor seeing clients who reside in Maryland (LC12988, ATC345) and D.C (LGPC00802). As an art therapist, she’ll integrate art making into sessions. Aubrey finds that strengths and struggles in life reflect clearly in strengths and struggles with creating. Through art, you may notice themes like perfectionism, self criticism, or resistance to change. Your strengths will also become visible- perhaps highlighting a willingness to try new things, creative problem solving, or sense of humor. Incorporating the creative process can help provide another language and way to explore thoughts and feelings when words are difficult to find or seem inadequate. Art taps into memory, concentration, decision making skills, and self-expression, all while providing an avenue for moving beyond old patterns and ways of being.

Aubrey holds a Master of Arts in Art Therapy from George Washington University, with a focus on providing trauma-informed care. Traumatic experiences can range from singular events to historical, long-term, or ongoing stressors like physical abuse, rape/sexual assault, community violence, medical diagnoses, serious injuries, racism, discrimination, or traumatic grief. Aubrey’s diverse experience includes working through the unique ways trauma impacts various communities, including military service members and their families, reentering citizens, elementary school children, and women of all ages.

This diversity in training mimics the diversity of Aubrey’s lived experience. Having spent much of the last decade across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, Aubrey values approaching your story with a multi-cultural lens. Her time spent abroad leads her to carry a deep respect for how culture influences our ways of being in the world.

Aubrey will bring authenticity, encouragement, and candidness to sessions that helps create a safe place to be open about difficult topics. In return, she hopes that you will bring honesty and a healthy dose of curiosity to therapy. You’ll find she balances meaningful conversations with quirky anecdotes that will sit with you long after leaving a session together.

Aubrey’s pronouns: She/her/hers

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