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Therapy is a journey. Eva believes in adapting to each client's unique needs and working together to foster a collaborative approach. She understands the courage it takes to share one's thoughts. Vulnerability in therapy can make one feel ambivalent, overwhelmed, and concerned. Eva respects clients and strives to establish a foundation of trust. Trust plays a critical role in therapy, and it is important to Eva to ensure client's know she is there for them. The journey starts because client's make it possible. Eva walks with clients and guide them to identifying what is best for them.  She is there to be a listener and a companion for the experience of growth and healing.

Eva has worked with youth and families in the Washington, DC area since 2000.  A National Certified Counselor NCC 252346 and a Licensed Professional Graduate Professional LGPC 00699. She is a former Professor and researcher of Developmental Psychology and Emotional Intelligence. Eva has worked with the Emotional Intelligent Inventory (EQi; MHS) to support Emotional Focused intervention and curriculum Strength-based development. 

Her clinical intervention approach array from Psychoanalytic Techniques,  Expressive Arts, Humanistic, Logotherapy, Mindfulness-Based, Emotional Focused, Cognitive-Behavior, Strength-Based, Narrative, and Bibliotherapy. 

Eva works to emphasize the quest for a purpose in life. It starts with our freedom to take a stand and connect emotions with reality.  This pivotal moment shapes our character and personal narrative, changing our perception of adversities or challenging events. Once the narrative is interrupted by being cognizant of our freedom and quest for purpose, the journey for healing and purpose starts. 

After twenty-two years of being a caring listener, Eva continues to be a humble guest walker on many journeys, fulfilling purpose: caring listener.

Eva’s pronouns: She/her/ella

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