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Are you a person who finds yourself “doing too much” and as a result you feel like a volcano that could explode and overflow at any time?

Do you find it extremely difficult to make time for yourself because you are both the primary breadwinner and caretaker in personal relationships?

Do you love your job, but know you have a history of working 50 or more hours per week and feel like this is what others “expect” of you?

Do you worry other people will become unaccepting and disappointed in you if you were to decrease your hours at work or took some personal time?

Do you feel pressured to present yourself to the outside world as though everything is okay and happy while you are internally struggling to maintain and keep-up the “pretty” or “good looking” facade?

Do you use food, alcohol or drugs to temporarily manage personal feelings? How is this working for you? Do you want to learn a new way of managing your feelings?

Do you need validation from others to feel good about the choices you are making and the work you do each day?

Are you concerned about letting other people down or appearing less than “Perfect”? As a result, do you consistently think about how you look and struggle with the shape of your body?

Do you want to make changes? Have you ever thought about seeing a therapist to help you in this process? Know you need to see a therapist? Are you concerned about finding time to come to therapy because you think you will have to go to therapy for years and years?

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